From Reddit To ReadItLater


Hi ! First attempt to write a whole article in english on this blog. As I'm not a native speaker, some of my sentences could sounds a bit strange, please forgive ... or better : let me know ;)

A few months ago, a friend told me about reddit. This had been a great discovery for me, and I started using it (a lot). On reddit, I spend most of my time lurking.


During a discussion, it appears that it could be nice to have a script crawling reddit and (matching titles against some pre-defined keywords) adding interesting links to a ReadItLater list.

As I have an android phone with the RIL application installed, this is great !

RIL has just been renamed Pocket but the principle stay unchanged :

  1. append URLs to your Reading List
  2. Sync between several devices
  3. enjoy articles o/

Connection to reddit

As I already knew RIL powers an API, I had just to find a way to fetch reddit posts.

The easiest way I thought about was to find a generic RSS feed URL and then re-use it.

As I had already seen some reddit applets on websites, I was pretty sure such a thing existed.

I looked at the reddit gadgets page and found that we can fetch JS code adding /.embed to a subreddit URL. As a naive guy, I tried . And guess what happened... I got a beautiful RSS feed o/.

Note : The parameters in the URL come from the gadgets page-generated urls.

After a very very short poll, I chose to build the script in perl, for several reasons :

  • it has a lot of modules with funny names (File::Slurp for example ;))
  • it's installed basically on every Linux system
  • installing a new module is easy
  • perl is cool


So, I choose perl and the following modules :

  • XML::RSS:Parser::Lite : to parse the feed itself
  • XML::Parser::Lite : required by the first one
  • Text::Match::FastAlternatives : to create easily a regex (not a real one) with searched words
  • YAML : to parse config file
  • File::Slurp : to read an entire file (yeah, this name is great)

All these modules are on CPAN and installable using :

sudo cpan Module::Name

As I'm a nice guy (uh uh...), I also wrote a Makefile with a deps target to install everything using :

make deps

As I wanted to keep the main script clean, I chose to build a module myself containing the functions I need.

So... I called it and just added the minimum code :

package RedditRIL;
    # .. here will go my code ...
1; # because a package must end with a true expression

In the first version of this script, I put curly-braces between this to lines of code. Someone told me (on reddit) that it's not necessary : a package create automatically a new namespace.

Parse config

The goal is to use a config file looking like :

credentials: [login, pass]
Python: [Internet]
vim: [unmapping,path]

Using File::Slurp and YAML, we can get all the data :

#!/usr/bin/env perl

# this is not the module, but the script ;)

use strict;
use warnings;
use 5.010;
use YAML;
use File::Slurp;

my $data =read_file("./RedditRIL.conf") or die ("Error with conf. file $!");
my $conf = Load($data);

my $credentials = $conf->{credentials};

So now, we have login information for RIL in $credentials and whole conf in $conf.

Of course, the script will need to know this information (particularily the credentials).

Let's add a new() method to our package :

# some atributes
    my $ril_api_key = "my_api_key";
    my $ril_login = "";
    my $ril_pass = "";
    my $ril_url = "";

# And the new() method
    sub new {
            my $self = shift;
            $ril_login = shift;
            $ril_pass = shift;
            $ril_url = "$ril_login&password=$ril_pass&apikey=$ril_api_key";
            return $self;

Note that the API Key can be requested on the page dedicated to the API itself.

We can now create a new RedditRIL object in the script using :

use RedditRIL;

# ...

my $api = RedditRIL->new(@{$credentials}[0], @{$credentials}[1]);

And iterate over data from config file, processing subreddits one by one :

foreach my $key (keys %{$conf}) {
    next if $key eq "credentials";
    $api->process($key, $conf->{$key});

I think you understood that we'll now write the process() method which will be passed :

  • a reference to the object itself (implicit)
  • the name of a subreddit ($key)
  • the keywords to look for in this subreddit (array reference $conf->{$key}

Processing a reddit

package RedditRIL;
    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use 5.010;
    use LWP::Simple;
    use XML::RSS::Parser::Lite;
    use Text::Match::FastAlternatives;

    # new() + attributes

    sub process {
        # Process a subreddit,
        # Get a subreddit name & keywords
        # as argument
        my ($self, $sub, $kws) = @_;
        my $data = XML::RSS::Parser::Lite->new();
        $data->parse(get("$sub/new/.rss?limit=5&t=all&sort=new")) or die ("Erf.. a error occured :\n\t$!");
        my $re  = join "|", @{$kws};
        for (my $i = 0; $i < $data->count(); $i++) {
            my $item = $data->get($i);
            if ($item->{title} =~ $re) {

The first line of process() (right after comments) fetches values passed as arguments :

  • $sub will contain the subreddit name
  • $kws is for the list of searched keywords

The second one just initialize a RSS Parser whom parse() method is used on the following line.

For this method, we send an URL containing the $sub variable (it will be interpolated on evaluation).

The die clause stops the script if an error occured, printing the error ($!) on screen.

Next, we create a simple search false regex using Text::Match::FastAlternatives (here with join).

The the script loops over each item of the freshly parsed feed and tests it against the regex.

If it matches, we send the item itself to another method : add_to_ril().

Send it to RIL

This method simply uses the RIL API through its add method :

sub add_to_ril {
        my ($self,$item)  = @_;
        say "+ Adding link $item->{url}";
    or die ("Unable to upload link to RIL...\n\t$!");
say("\t=> Done uploading !");

A small reminding prints on screen saying which link we're sending to RIL.

Then, a simple get request sends the link itself to RIL, with the title specified on reddit.


We can now fill the RedditRIL.conf file, run the script and see this :

$ ./
+ Adding link
        => Done uploading !uploading

It works ! Great !


We are now able to add automatically interesting reddit links to our RIL account.

This sounds nice but we can do even more interesting things. One idea could be the following :

A script crawls RSS of selected subreddits (specified in the config file), searching for specified keywords. This script adds potentialy interesting links to a Redis database.

Another provides a minimalist web or cli frontend to this DB allowing the user to up/down vote selectioned links.

The crawler can change his critera a bit to be more accurate next time according to user's votes.

A third script takes every link in DB from time to time and sends them to RIL (using send method for example).

Note that this system can be oriented to feed a (redis) pub/sub channel with a feedback ability.

Maybe I'll improve it....

Here's where you'll find the whole project :


I just want to thank :

  • my english teacher for her careful reading and corrections to this article
  • ronocdh for his improvements to my code